apple-touch-icon-precomposed.png in your server log

If you’re a fan of your server log, you probably noticed some strange reference (error 404) reporting or and /apple-touch-icon.png. This is a “Touch icon”.

Touch icons are the favicons of mobile devices and tablets (see figure next).

Apple defines 4 icons: 2 for iPhone (non-retina and retina) and 2 for iPad (non-retina and retina). However, every iOS update, icon sizes changes.

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Touch Bar for MacAdmins

Ever since Touch Bar was showed as the exclusive feature of new MacBook Pro 2016, it has received enormous praise from Apple user.

The potential of this bar is remarkable but still developing. My impressions of the Touch Bar are positive. It was “very responsive” and felt smooth. Let’s see how Touch bar can be useful for MacAdmin especially for that applications we usually use.

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