apple-touch-icon-precomposed.png in your server log

If you’re a fan of your server log, you probably noticed some strange reference (error 404) reporting or and /apple-touch-icon.png. This is a “Touch icon”.

Touch icons are the favicons of mobile devices and tablets (see figure next).

Apple defines 4 icons: 2 for iPhone (non-retina and retina) and 2 for iPad (non-retina and retina). However, every iOS update, icon sizes changes.

How to solve error access to apple-touch-icon?

Realfavicongenerator website resolves this kind of problem. You have just to choose a picture and the site will do the next for you. It will create apple-touch-icons and code to put inside your website.

You have to extract the package supplied in the root of the web site ( Then you have to insert the code in the <head> section of the web pages.


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