Upcoming macOS Sierra and Server 5.2

Next September, 20 Apple will release new macOS 10.11 (Sierra) along new Server app. Actually Server 5.2 beta (build 16S1083q, app version 5.1.50) has been released to developer with interesting improvements. This version is designed for use with OS X version 10.11.6 and macOS Sierra version 10.12.



What’s New in macOS Server 5.2

Profile Manager

– Integration with Apple School Manager to get Managed Apple ID and class information
– Skip the iMessage & FaceTime Setup Assistant pane in iOS 10
– Skip the iCloud Desktop and Siri Setup Assistant panes in macOS Sierra version 10.12
– Choose default app for audio calls for Contacts, Exchange, Google, and LDAP accounts
– Set Bluetooth Modification restriction on supervised devices
– Set Apple Music; iCloud Keychain Sync; and Sharing to Notes, Reminders, or LinkedIn restrictions for macOS Sierra version 10.12
– Set new IKEv2 authentication method option or specify IPSec disconnect on idle timeout for VPN
– Restrict Cisco fast lane Quality of Service marking or disable captive network detection for Wi-Fi networks
– Configure IP firewall

Caching Server

– Enhanced control over peer replication


– To improve security, SMB connections now require signing by default.


– AES is now a supported encryption type for Kerberized NFS

Xsan 5

– macOS Sierra and Server 5.2 include support for the Xsan 5 file system. Xsan 5 is compatible with the Quantum StorNext 5.3 file system.
See Xsan Compatibility information before upgrading to Xsan 5.



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