Server 5.0.X redirects every http connection to Wiki page

It seems that this problem occurs for anyone migrate servers to El Captain from older OsX with Wiki service ON. An important bug affects these users that redirect every http connection to Wiki service (if Wiki is ON). Herein a fix for this issue is reported. Also Server app version 5.0.15 is affected by this problem.

In a previous post I suggested a simply solution (switch Wiki service OFF) for this problem (see here)

However, a new fix (reported by Dan-Grenada at apple support site ) solved definitively this problem.

Briefly, this is a description of this fix:

  1. be sure that Wiki and Sites services are ON
  2. Menu>Go>Go to folder ….. goto_folder
  3. copy and paste /Library/Server/Web/Config/apache2/other
  4. change COM.APPLE.WEBAPP.WIKI.conf into COM.APPLE.WEBAPP.WIKI.conf_Backupchange_conf_wiki

voilà, the problem is solved

Any other suggestions are welcome!


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