OsX Server Reachability and Its problems

“Internet reachability” is a new feature of Server 4.X that help you configuring services that you need to access from outside your local network. Some services need further setting in order to work, i.e. port forwarding, and you have to be sure that all is working in very few steps. This feature was improved in 5.X but it seems not fully reliable!! Let’s see how it works and the problems related.

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Why is TRIM so important for SSD?

Macs only enable TRIM for the Apple-provided solid-state drives (SSD) they come with (only SSD tested by Apple). If you upgrade your Mac with an aftermarket SSD, your Mac won’t use TRIM with it. In the past, the only solution was a software caller trim enabler from Cindori.

Starting from 10.10.4 (Yosemite and later) Apple has added a command line, trim force utility, that can enable TRIM on third-party SSDs that support this feature.

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