Server 5.4 and macOS High Sierra: what’s new

With the new release of macOS High Sierra (10.13) apple performed upgrade also to Server app. First of all Apple suggest to update to macOS Server 5.4 after you upgrade to macOS High Sierra.

Unfortunately this update gives important changes to the services we are used to manage (see below for app changes). In fact, Caching Server, Time Machine Server and File Sharing advanced options are now built directly into macOS. This means that you can not managed these services anymore from the CLI (bad thing!). You’ll find all the settings in sharing preference panel.

Caching server is now built into macOS. You will find detailed information in this article  here.

Another problem regards Server’s Xcode Service since Xcode Server has been integrated into Xcode. This is a big problem if you manage your own git repositories. According to the Xcode 9 release notes: “Xcode Server no longer includes hosting Git repositories. To continue using repositories that were set up in macOS Server, configure a new remote Git server and push your code to that remote. After upgrading to Xcode 9, any existing repositories are archived in /Library/Developer/XcodeServer/HostedRepositories.”. 

It seems that the only solution is GitHub (read this nice article on The Marriage of Github and Xcode 9). If you want to Setting Up Github in Xcode 9, you can follow this interesting tutorial (LINK)

More news will come so …….  stay tuned!!!!


About macOS Server 5.4

General changes

  • Open Directory and Software Update Service are now hidden by default.
  • You can now migrate Server data from a volume with OS X 10.10.5 and Server 5.0.15 and later.
  • Caching Server, Time Machine Server, and File Sharing advanced options are now built directly into macOS.
  • Caching Server now supports a tiered architecture.
  • Xcode Server has been integrated into Xcode.
  • Support for APFS volumes.

Profile Manager

Profile Manager now supports new restrictions, payloads and management commands for iOS 11, macOS High Sierra and tvOS 11 (more information at apple site link)

About the security content of macOS Server 5.4


Available for: macOS High Sierra 10.13

Impact: Multiple issues in FreeRADIUS

Description: Multiple issues existed in FreeRADIUS before 2.2.10. These were addressed by updating FreeRADIUS to version 2.2.10.





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